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Dating and money are not typically two topics that come together in the same sentence. Yet, for "suddenly single" women out there, the reality is that these two world will collide before we are often ready. Join me here as we explore these topics together and get ready for the release of my new book, "Dating Our Money." Welcome!

Using Your Time Wisely

Guess how much time an average woman shops in her lifetime? I almost fell over in disbelief reading in a Real Simple November 2010 issue that the answer is 8 YEARS. That is crazy!!!!! Think of all the other ways a woman can spend eight years of her life that could be much more beneficial. I do feel like I spend way too much time at the grocery store with two growing boys but still this seems overwhelming.  What a wake up call to all of us? Imagine how much time each of us spend in front of a computer versus interacting with others.

What is the benefit of interacting with others? #1 reason is if you are looking for a job it is crucial. NPR just stated that 70% of current jobs are never posted!!!! People get job offers through personal connections. I definitely had an example of that this week. I went in to talk to a person for advice and by the end of the meeting to his surprise and mine he was offering me a job. He wasn’t even thinking about hiring someone until meeting me. It was a huge reminder to always be prepared!

In my new book, I start a chapter reminding women if we spent just half the time we do thinking about men/dating and shoes/shopping that we spend on researching good mutual funds or stocks to invest in…the benefits we could reap would last a lifetime! Sometimes the best use of our time is staying home and investing in your future and yourself by learning about money.

Thanks for taking the time to read this blog and I hope you see it as a wise use of your time. Please feel free to email me if there are specific topics you have questions on with money.

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