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Dating and money are not typically two topics that come together in the same sentence. Yet, for "suddenly single" women out there, the reality is that these two world will collide before we are often ready. Join me here as we explore these topics together and get ready for the release of my new book, "Dating Our Money." Welcome!

Small Victory


Wow! What a victory. The first blog on my first webpage for my first upcoming book. Thank you for sharing with me in this small victory. My friend told me that each night at dinner her family goes around the room sharing their victory of the day. I loved this idea and we adapted the same idea. This small action has changed our whole family. The difference is amazing! Try it and see….Now when I pick up my kids from school

instead of asking how their day was and them responding, “Fine.” They get excited and share something new they have learned, achieved or built. I never had such a wealth on information before. Even in my personal life it has made such a difference. I have a friend and each day we have to share our victories. This week I was not feeling well, lost my voice and wanted to get totally discouraged but I knew I still had to have a victory each day. I remember one night this week when my victory was emailed at 11:53 pm and I think it was that I finally drank something painlessly.


What victories are we looking for in life? This website focuses on dating and money. Dating has its unfortunate ups and downs just like managing money. We often have to go on a lot of bad dates to find a “good” one. Managing money and creating a budget can seem just as painful. I want to make managing money more relatable, especially to women, because it is so important. This book and my whole direction in life changed after my husband passed on at 35 making me a single parent of two “lively” boys who were two and four at the time. I want women to be prepared for the unexpected curveballs life throws you.


Having to reenter the dating world again has been an overwhelming experience. One night, I knew I was either going to go home and cry or I had to laugh and learn. That night, my first article was written called, “Don’t Date a Man who Drives a Porsche! Like a Slick Financial Advisor, He Will Speed In and Out of Your Life.” Everyone laughed so hard because they “knew” the type and felt my pain. Well those same emotions apply to managing money. We have to support each other when we are financially down the same way we support a friend after a break up. Only different step is after you downed the carton of Ben& Jerry’s before the sappy girl movie, you need to create a list of goals for the future. Do you have an emergency fund for up to 6-8 months salary if you unexpectedly lose your job, have you checked your credit score recently, how much of your monthly budget do you spend on eating out and are you saving for retirement this month?


All of these topics and so many more we will go into depth on in upcoming blogs. Please remember we are all on this journey together. I have given up the use of credit cards this year. So I fell your pain…please come back again for future blogs. Would love your comments!

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